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“DQWholesale is an industry and trade-oriented enterprise which combines research develcpment, design, production, OEM custom and whole-sale.”

Focusing on research& development and design in fashion jewelry and brand operation, DQWholesale keep pace with development in interna- tional jewelry industry and offering stylish accessories, jewelry OEM, ODM customization service and spot goods for jewelry brands of 5000 as well as offline brick-and-mortar sales platform.

DQWholesale is in control of ISO9001-2008 Quality Assurance System. Every procedure and every product of our company are all strictly follow the European-American standards. Moreover, our factory is passed the quality audit inspection of the world's top 500 cooperative enterprises. We have complete process in production management so that we can deliver immediately in global even if there is no minimum order quantity.

Mass inventory,
Fast delivery worldwide
Strong design team
and production capacity
Fast product updates
The most cost-effective Each product is meticulously crafted
Selected environmentally friendly materials to reduce allergies
There is no minimum order
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